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June 2024 Issue

Salmon Anglers:  Make Your Day with Rockfish

Salmon Anglers: Make Your Day with Rockfish

By Jason Brooks | Mack's Lure Pro Staff

It is June, the month that marks the start of the ocean salmon season on the west coast. When anglers are focused on catching the mighty chinook, they often overlook the opportunity to put a few Pacific rockfish in their fish box before coming in for the day.

Also known as "seabass', this fish fry favorite is easy to catch when you have the right gear ready at a moment's notice. If you haven't tried it before, rockfish offers a slightly sweet flavor with a little bit of nuttiness and a clean finish. Due to its low oil content, these white filets are light in taste and texture and have the ability to take on the flavor of your favorite companion ingredients.

Rain Drops Falling or Rockfish Rising

A few years ago, we were returning from a day of salmon fishing and noticed a peculiar sight halfway back to the marina at Neah Bay. The surface of the water appeared to be raining, but there were no clouds in the sky. It turned out to be rising fish, specifically small juvenile herring being pushed to the surface by feeding rockfish. We quickly grabbed our spinning rods and started casting Rock Dancer jigs, resulting in a frenzy of black rockfish biting. In just ten minutes, we caught our boat limit of 21 seabass.

This experience taught us the importance of always having a pre-rigged spinning rod on hand and ready to go at a moment’s notice. 

Tips for Targeting Rockfish

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