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ScentFlash™ UV Triangle Flasher

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  • The ScentFlash UV Triangle is an 8" high UV in-line spinning flasher featuring a patented scent release system. Simply unsnap the lid, apply scent, and snap into place. This flasher will release scent through the water, attracting salmon and other species with scent and flash. ScentFlash Pads sold separately.

  • How many ScentFlash Pads can you fit in the scent cavity?

    You can fit up to two pads in the Triangle Flasher, as they're thin enough to still allow water movement through the scent chamber.

    Can you use the ScentFlash UV Triangle Flasher as a downrigger attractor?

    Many anglers use the ScentFlash Triangle as a downrigger attractor. Just hook it up to your downrigger ball and it will disperse scent back to your lures, as well as draw fish in to the boat.

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