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Downrigger Stacking: Using the Shuttle Hawk to Stack Multiple Lines

Downrigger Stacking: Using the Shuttle Hawk to Stack Multiple Lines

Inventor Gary Miralles of Shasta Tackle demonstrates how to use the Mack's Lure Shuttle Hawk Downrigger Stacking System.

What is the Shuttle Hawk Downrigger Stacking System?

This innovative product is attached to your downrigger cable. The diver will take your release line and lure to a desired depth until released. Then, the Shuttle Hawk returns to the surface to be sent down again, making it unnecessary to raise your downrigger, while also enabling the ability to stack additional rods.

How to stack your rods with the Shuttle Hawk Downrigger Stacking System?

Use the Shuttle Hawk to fish additional rods on a single downrigger. Simply place a stop on the downrigger cable at least 10-inches above the first Ultra Release. Then, attach your line to the Shuttle Hawk. Slide the Shuttle Hawk onto the cable. Loosen the reel drag, then lower the Shuttle Hawk into the water, keeping tension on the way down. When it reaches the stop, reset your drag. After releasing, the Shuttle Hawk will return to the surface, making it unnecessary to raise your downrigger. With no need to raise your downrigger, your second line stays in the water, meaning it has more opportunities to catch fish.

The Shuttle Hawk Downrigger Stacking System is one of a kind - a truly valuable tool that allows you to fish multiple lines on a single downrigger for trout, kokanee, salmon and more.

Watch this video from Angler West to see this effective product in action.

The secret of this system is that the Shuttle Hawk downrigger diving plane enables you to fish continuously without having to raise your downrigger ball to the surface.

Why should you use the Shuttle Hawk?

What are best practices for using the Shuttle Hawk?

  1. Simply attach the included stop to your Downrigger cable 10 ft above your downrigger weight. Attach your first lure to release at the downrigger weight drop it to whatever depth you desire.

  2. Next put your second line back generally 10 to 15 ft further than your bottom line.

  3. Attach it to the release on the shuttle hawk.

  4. Drop the shuttle hawk into the water keeping tension on it as it dives.

  5. Once it reaches your downrigger stop set your rod and you're ready to go. The big advantage here is when a fish hits the stacker or upper rod you will not have to bring the lower lure up to reset it.

  6. Just simply attach your lure to the shuttle hawk again and send it down. 

How was the Shuttle Hawk invented?

The Shuttle Hawk was initially designed out of the need to simplify the way I stacked two rods. The old method of attaching your first line to your downrigger release at the weight dropping it 10 ft then attaching a stacker release and then having to manage two rods as you lower the entire two setups to the desired depth. This process is time consuming and often difficult to manage.
Shuttle Hawk Downrigger Stacking System inventor - Gary Miralles:
Gary says, "I first built a diving plane without the weight transfer device. It dove very well but it was slow returning to the surface.  By adding the weight transfer device on the bottom side of the Shuttle Hawk, I was able to create a more aggressive upward angle which increased its return speed."
At a trolling speed of 2 mph the shuttle Hawk will dive at approximately 2 ft a second and return at about 1.5 ft per second making it as fast as some electric downriggers.

Detailed Product Facts:

The Shuttle Hawk is a downrigger release carrier. It comes with the Ultra Release, but you can attach any release to it. It takes your release, line and lure down to a pre-set stop placed on your downrigger cable.
The Shuttle Hawk is a diving plane that takes your lure down the downrigger cable then returns to the surface after being released. After setting your lure at your desired distance beyond the boat you attach your line to the release. Slide the Shuttle Hawk onto your downward cable. 
Learn to use the Shuttle Hawk Downrigger Stacking System effectively:
  • Loosen the drag on your reel or free spool it.
  • Drop the shuttle Hawk into the water keeping tension on it as it dives.
  • The forward motion of the boat pushing against the planer, forces it down the cable.
  • It will stop once it hits your downrigger stop or weight.
  • The forward motion of the boat will keep the planer down. The shuttle Hawk is designed with a counterbalance weight. This is built into the chamber on the bottom of the shuttle. When the shuttle Hawk is released the weight roles to the back of the shuttle Hawk changing the baance and angle to an upward position.
  • The forward speed of the boat will make the shuttle hawk plain back to the surface. This prevents the need to crank your Downrigger backup to reset it. 

The nicest thing about the Shuttle Hawk is by the time you get your fish in the Shuttle Hawk will be back at the surface ready to be reset.

This is a huge advantage for someone with a hand-crank downloader. The Shuttle Hawk will completely eliminate the need to crank your weight back up. 
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