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Wiggle Hoochie Bills Using Macks Components

Video: How to Build Your Own Wiggle Hoochies

Justin Wolff demonstrates step-by-step how to build your own Wiggle Hoochies using Mack's Lure Wiggle Hoochie Bills.

The following video is part of an episode of Angler West TV, "Shasta Lake Trout". You can watch the complete episode at: 

Turn non-biters into biters with your own Wiggle Hoochies. 

How do you use a Wiggle Hoochie Bill?

The Wiggle Hoochie Bills are designed to be used with squid skirts or hoochie bodies. The Size 1.5 bill fits 1.5" to 3" squid bodies while the Size 2.25 bill fits 3.5" to 6" bodies. You can fish them in front of beads or just bait, as well.

See Mack's Pee Wee Wiggle Hoochie in Action: 

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