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New Product Release | Wedding Ring Salmon Tech Series

New Product Release | Wedding Ring Salmon Tech Series

WENATCHEE, Wash. — Mack’s Lure, Inc., manufacturer of popular lures such as the Wedding Ring® and Smile Blade® spinner, has introduced yet another dynamic option to its consantly evolving line of innovative products — the Wedding Ring Salmon Tech.

Trolling for salmon on the mighty Columbia River, as the Chinook salmon make their way up-river, has become a favorite of anglers. By combining fishing styles from the upper Columbia with styles used on the lower Columbia, the Wedding Ring Salmon Tech was created.

“The Salmon Tech is a product of a new fishing method that has developed over the years, which combines a small spinner jerked around by a large rotational paddle-type flasher,” Mack’s Lure Sales and Marketing Director Bob Loomis said.

“We consulted Mack’s Lure Pro Staffer Mike Roth, who spent the time to create the colors, sizes and methods with which to fish this new lure and the results have been fantastic.”

The Wedding Ring Salmon Tech provides a number of attributes that other spinners simply don’t.

  • The lightweight spinner is manufactured on monofilament line, which gives it more movement, and combines a high UV Smile Blade with a premium Wedding Ring band, UV beads, and an all-new VMC Tech Set hook.

  • The new hook design will really help keep the fish on when hooked.

  • The Salmon Tech is available in six irresistible color combinations and two sizes, featuring either a Smile Blade 1.1 or 1.5, and each lure is built with the 4/0 VMC Tech Set Hook.

All options are now available at or be sure to check with your favorite retailer.

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