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Mack's Lure Acquires Shasta Tackle Company

Mack's Lure Acquires Shasta Tackle Company

A strategic merger between two leaders in the kokanee market.

Mack's Lure, Inc., manufacturer of the famous Wedding Ring® and Smile Blade®, today announced that it is acquiring Shasta Tackle Company, makers of custom trout, kokanee and salmon lures, including the popular Cripplure, Hum Dinger, Sling Blade and more.

The purchase of Shasta Tackle Company, based in Redding, Calif., further increases Mack's Lure, Inc.'s share in several fishing tackle markets and kokanee, in particular.

"What an exciting time for both companies and their customer base," said Bob Schmidt, owner and president of Mack's Lure, Inc. "This is two leaders in the kokanee market combining their strengths and ideas to offer anglers even more exciting products, as well as allowing Mack's Lure to grow more rapidly and get in touch with an even larger base of anglers."

"For 28 years, we have built a strong, deep-rooted, fast-growing company, but as business evolves, it has become more and more apparent that we needed a strong, well-established strategic partner to continue on our path," said Gary Miralles, founder of Shasta Tackle Co. "We found that partnership with Mack's Lure."

The acquisition with Shasta Tackle Co. is monumental for Mack's Lure, Inc., in that it further enhances our niche in the trout and kokanee markets. There are many followers of both companies, many of whom use both company's products in their presentations, so combining them is a plus for everyone.

Effective immediately, all Shasta Tackle Co.'s products, while still maintaining their established product names, will be operated, manufactured and distributed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mack's Lure, Inc. Miralles is joining the Mack's Lure, Inc. staff in a product development and promotional capacity.

"This partnership will give me more time for product development and the freedom to focus more on the marketing and promotional side of the business," Miralles said. This merger will help to launch Shasta into a new level of growth; giving it the foundation to expand and grow in its existing markets and enter into new markets, as well. 

"I am truly excited about the future, so stand by everyone―this is just the beginning." 

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