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Lake Chelan Winter Chinook, Salmon and Cutthroat

Lake Chelan Winter Chinook, Salmon and Cutthroat

Learn advanced deep water trolling techniques with Joe Heinlen & Mark Lippincott of Lake Chelan Adventures and Bob Loomis of Mack's Lure. Cover over an 80' wide path with 4 down riggers at over 200 ft. deep with DD Dodgers and trolling flies with Smile Blades.

A specialized fishery, Lake Chelan's Chinook (King) Salmon are a prized fish that rival the best salmon in the world for eating quality. Also, catch some fun Chelan Cutthroat trout casting shallow with Cripplures & Promise Keepers. Winter Cutthroat are plentiful and you don't need a boat, which makes it a great fishery for kids.

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