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Wiggle Hoochie™ Bills

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  • As featured on the Pee Wee Wiggle Hoochie and Wiggle Hoochie, these crank-style Wiggle Hoochie Bills add unique movement in several fish attracting colors, including high UV options. Add it to your favorite application for all game fish.

    Wiggle Hoochie Bills

  • Wiggle Hoochie Bills

  • How do you use a Wiggle Hoochie Bill?

    The Wiggle Hoochie Bills are designed to be used with squid skirts or hoochie bodies. The Size 1.5 bill fits 1.5" to 3" squid bodies while the Size 2.25 bill fits 3.5" to 6" bodies. You can fish them in front of beads or just bait, as well.

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