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Double Whammy® Walleye

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  • The Double Whammy Walleye is a crawler harness designed for the serious walleye angler. With wiggle and exaggerated spacing, it's deadly for light-biting and aggressive feeding walleye

  • Does a Smile Blade work better than a metal spinner blade for walleye?

    The Smile Blade on the Double Whammy Walleye works very well for walleye fishing as you can slow troll it down to less than 1/4 mph and still get action.

    Why are the hooks so far apart on the Double Whammy Walleye?

    This rig is considered a crawler harness set up, which means that you can put both hooks into a full-length nightcrawler and still hook fish when they are only biting the tail end of the crawler.

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