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Cha Cha® 2" Squidder

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  • This buoyant Cha Cha 2" Squidder features a Cha Cha Float, which helps to reduce snags and keep the rig in the strike zone with an extremely enticing flash and wobble action that kokanee and trout can't resist.

    Cha Cha 2" Squidder

  • Cha Cha 2" Squidder
  •  Why does the Cha Cha 2" Squidder feature a Cha Cha Pill Float?

    The Cha Cha Pill float gives it buoyancy and helps it give off a more natural presentation.

    What species of fish is this lure used for?

    The Cha Cha 2" Squidder can be used for virtually any type of fish and can emulate almost any type of bait for walleye, kokanee, trout, steelhead and salmon.


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