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Mack's Lure releases Smile Blade SD Drift Jig & Hitch

Mack's Lure releases Smile Blade SD Drift Jig & Hitch

For Immediate Release
July 25, 2023

WENATCHEE, Wash. Mack's Lure, Inc., manufacturer of the famous Wedding Ring®, Smile Blade®, Sling Blade™, Glo® Hooks, ScentFlash™ and more, has expanded its diverse line of products by releasing the Smile Blade SD Drift Jig, a new 3/8 oz. hybrid jig-spinner enhanced by the incredible action and attraction provided by the Smile Blade.

“Savvy anglers have been using the Smile Blade with their jigs for years,” Mack’s Lure President Bob Schmidt said. “I’m glad we can now offer them a high-quality jig with the Smile Blade already attached, as this jig-spinner hybrid is sure to produce.”

The Smile Blade SD Drift Jig is available in four highly visible head colors – traditional black, super glow white, and intense UV orange and chartreuse – in eight pre-rigged color patterns. It is designed with a laser sharp, deep bend hook for hooking and keeping fish on and boasts a keeper to hold any type of plastics or bait. The teardrop-shaped jig head is great for jigging, drifting, casting, broadcast fishing or trolling.

“This is a great addition to the Mack’s Lure lineup,” Mack’s Lure Sales Director Bob Loomis said. “We added the Sonic BaitFish jigging spoon a few years ago, which helped cover a little bit more of the walleye fishing throughout the year, but by adding the new Smile Blade SD Drift Jig and Smile Blade SD Hitch as a component, it really enhances and broadens the overall product line to cover more styles of fishing and times of the year.”

Included and pre-rigged on the Smile Blade SD Drift Jig is the Smile Blade SD Hitch, a 1-inch wire fitted with a Smile Blade 1.1, premium round beads and a Fast-Change Loop attachment that enables anglers to quickly attach to any type of lure, including swim baits, crankbaits, jigging spoons or in-line trolled. The SD Hitch is available in eight color patterns as a 3-pack component.

“New products are always exciting, but the SD Hitch is especially fun with so many ways to use it,” Schmidt said. “While also providing the extra flash, movement and attraction, it’s sure to generate more bites.”

The Smile Blade SD Drift Jig and Smile Blade SD Hitch can soon be found at local bait and tackle shops or online at For additional information, images, videos, or sell sheets, please contact Mack’s Lure Marketing Director Britton Ransford at

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