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Double Your Downrigger Coverage with the Shuttle Hawk System

Double Your Downrigger Coverage with the Shuttle Hawk System

Learn why the Shuttle Hawk Downrigger Stacking System is a game changing tool for fishing multiple lines on a single downrigger.

If you're targeting lakes in the summer and aiming for fish in deep-water catches, you'll need the right gear to be sucesssful. Sure, leadcore, weights, and divers can help you reach those depths, but let's talk about a more efficient technique.

Downriggers are the way to go if you want to work that thermocline like a pro because they allow you to precisely set your depth and fish multiple rods and lures simultaneously. Cover More Water with the Shuttle Hawk Downrigger System

This innovative product is attached to your downrigger cable. The diver will take your release line and lure to a desired depth until released. Then, the Shuttle Hawk returns to the surface to be sent down again, making it unnecessary to raise your downrigger, while also enabling the ability to stack additional rods on a single downrigger. 

Simply place a stop on the downrigger cable at least 10-inches above the first Ultra Release. Then, attach your line to the Shuttle Hawk. Slide the Shuttle Hawk onto the cable. Loosen the reel drag, then lower the Shuttle Hawk into the water, keeping tension on the way down. When it reaches the stop, reset your drag. After releasing, the Shuttle Hawk will return to the surface, making it unnecessary to raise your downrigger. With no need to raise your downrigger, your second line stays in the water, meaning it has more opportunities to catch fish.


Add a drop line to your stacked rods for even more lure action. A drop line is basically a 3-foot leader with a lure attached. Try out lures like the Hum Dinger, Pee Wee Wiggle Hoochie, or the Wedding Ring Classic for this setup. Attach the drop line to your second rod's line, toss it back behind in the water, and watch as your lures cover the entire thermocline.

Demonstration of the Shuttle Hawk by Gary Miralles 


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