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Keep Your Snelled Hooks Organized with Pip’s Leader Caddy

Keep Your Snelled Hooks Organized with Pip’s Leader Caddy

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For those who want to keep their snelled hooks organized and tackle box clutter-free, like Bryan Mulligan, who sent us this impressive photo, you'll want to check out the Pip's Box and Leader CaddyThis innovative accessory allows you to easily store heftier hooks with longer leaders, drop shot rigs, double hook riggings, drift bobbers, and tippets. It has an anti-reverse design that ensures smooth operation so you can spend more time fishing and less time rigging.

Here are some practical tips for how to use the Pip's Leader Caddy or the smaller Leader Box to improve your fishing experience.

Understanding the Snelled Hook

Before we dive into the Pip's Leader Caddy and its benefits, let's quickly understand what a snelled hook is. A snelled hook is an incredibly popular choice for fishermen due to its convenience. Unlike conventional hooks, which require anglers to manually tie the hook onto the line, snelled hooks come with a pre-tied leader, making them ready to use straight out of the box.

The Frustration of Tangled Hooks

One of the greatest challenges fishermen face when using snelled hooks is keeping them neatly organized. More often than not, these hooks end up getting tangled, resulting in valuable fishing time being wasted trying to untangle them. Additionally, the frustration these tangles cause may also lead to damaging the hooks or lines, making them less effective.

Enter the Pip's Leader Caddy

The Pip's Leader Caddy is a compact and portable storage solution designed specifically by and for serious fishermen. It can hold 21 snelled hooks securely. It utilizes a secure leader lock system that keeps your hooks tangle-free and prevents accidental unspooling. Each hook is held in place with precison, ensuring they don't get mixed up or damaged.  


Key Features and Advantages

Portability - The Pip's Leader Caddy's compact size ensures it fits easily in tackle boxes, fishing vests, or even your pocket. 

Durability -  It is constructed with high-quality materials that can withstand the harsh conditions and years of use. It is made from a polished resin to ensure smooth operation.

Line Compatibility - One of the advantages of the Pip's Box and Leader Caddy is that it accommodates a wide range of line weights. Whether you prefer using a lightweight 2-lb line or a heavy-duty 130-lb line, this caddy can accommodate your gear.  

Hook Size Range - Another impressive feature of the Pip's Box and Leader Caddy is its ability to hold hooks tied on leaders ranging from Size 18 to Size 9/0. This covers a wide range of hook sizes commonly used in fishing, ensuring that you can carry all your favorite snelled hooks in one organized storage solution. No more digging through messy tackle boxes to find the right hook size – the caddy keeps them neatly organized and ready for use. 

How to Use the Pip's Leader Caddy

Prepare Your Hooks - Before storing your snelled hooks in the caddy, ensure they are properly prepared. Straighten any bent hooks and replace any damaged ones. Remove any debris or dirt and make sure they are clean and dry to avoid corrosion.

Maintain Caddy for Longevity - To maintain the integrity of your Pip's Leader Caddy, it is crucial to keep it clean and free from debris. Additionally, avoid storing the caddy in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures for long periods of time to prevent damage.


Gone are the days of tangled hooks causing frustration and inefficiency on your fishing trips. With the Pip's Leader Caddy, serious anglers can now keep their snelled hooks neatly organized and tangle-free. With its thoughtful design, portability, and durability, it a must-have item to keep your tackle box organized. So, grab a Pip's Leader Caddy, organize your hooks, and get ready to enjoy stress-free rigging.  

Alternative Solutions

Although Pip’s Leader Caddy is highly recommended for organizing snelled hooks, there are a few alternatives you can consider, such as: 

Traditional Leader Boards: These are commonly made of foam or rubber and are available in various sizes to accommodate hooks of different lengths. 

DIY Methods: Utilizing small bags, ziplock pouches, or even reusing prescription pill bottles can provide a makeshift solution for organizing hooks. However, these methods lack the durability and convenience of specialized tools like Pip’s Leader Caddy. 

Check out the Line Tamer Leader Dispenser by Mack's Lure

While the Pip's Box and Leader Caddy offers a fantastic solution for keeping snelled hooks organized, Mack's Lure also offers another innovative product, the Line Tamer Leader Dispenser. This organizer is designed to hold a single spool of line, eliminating tangles and making it easy to retrieve the desired length of line. Equipped with a built-in cutter, the Line Tamer dispenser ensures effortless rigging and reduces the time spent on preparing fishing lines. 

Now you know how to keep your snelled hooks remain tangle-free, easily accessible, and protected from any external damage.

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