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Question: ScentFlash Paddle Flasher

Question: ScentFlash Paddle Flasher

Customer Question:

I recently purchased a ScentFlash Paddle Flasher and have had a ton of success with it. However, it keeps opening up after hooking up. Is this normal?

Expert Answer:

This is a great question. And we’re glad you’ve been able to find success with the new ScentFlash UV Paddle Flasher.

While it’s not designed to open up at all, we’ve found that sometimes it will.

Some remedies you can use to fix this are:

  • Use a rubber band to hold the lid shut. There are rivets in the flasher that are designed for bands.

  • We’ve also been getting a ton of great feedback from anglers who are using a release on their Paddle Flashers. One we recommend is the GDF Release from

When a fish hooks up, your flasher releases, removing the drag when pulling the fish in and ensuring that your Paddle will not open up, risking the loss of your removable paddle fin.

Quick tip: check out the movement of the ScentFlash UV Paddle Flasher with the fin removed. It gives off an incredible dodger action that has been slaying the Coho.

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