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Learn How to Horizontally Jig a Sonic BaitFish

Learn How to Horizontally Jig a Sonic BaitFish

This short video shares valuable tips in catching fish when the fishing is difficult. By using a countdown method, of locating the deeper bass holes in a lake during bright sunny days, your success can be greatly increased.

A 1/10 oz Sonic BaitFish is deadly in the shallower water for fresh, and salt, water species. Fishing with 8 lb braided line, attached to the lure's nose with a single hook attached to its tail, the Sonic BaitFish cuts through the bottom weeds as it flutters, darts and flashes while being bounced along bottom with six inch lifts of a 6 ft "mag-light"spinning rod.

Superior technique on shore, or in a boat, especially when casting to rocky shoals for walleyes, bass and trout. For deeper water, switch to heavier Sonic BaitFish. 

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