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Top Smile Blade Colors for Catching Walleye

Top Smile Blade Colors for Catching Walleye

  • Chartreuse Scale Chartreuse Sparkle
  • Chartreuse Green Tiger Chartreuse Scale
  • Chartreuse Black Tiger Chartreuse Green Tiger
  • Silver Scale Silver Sparkle
  • Red Scale Pink Sparkle
  • Orange Black Tiger Gold Sparkle
  • Purple Scale Orange Black Tiger
  • Pink Sparkle Dark Cerise Sparkle
  • Glo White Silver Scale Pink Mirror
  • Black Scale Purple Mirror
  • Blue Silver Tiger

Sizes:  0.8", 1.1", 1.5", & 1.9"

Smile Blade Attributes:

  • Ultra light-weight.
  • Will spin even at speeds under 1/4mph. Slow trolling is often a key factor in successful walleye fishing; this is where the Smile Blade out performs all other blades.
  • Blade is non symmetrical so when it rotates it moves whatever is behind it in a back and forth motion, similar to a crank bait.
  • Creates attraction with flash and movement, even when not spinning.
  • With over 30 colors and 5 sizes; you can create the type of forage base colors and profile you want to catch more fish.
  • There really is no wrong way to use the Smile Blade, it can be fished in front crank's, jigs, crawler harness, soft plastics, live bait and even under a float!
  • The Smile Blade gives added attraction to any presentation.

Walleye fishing with Smile Blades:

Walleyes are predatory and a very opportunistic fish therefore they are always looking for their next meal.  Matching the hatch is really a key to being successful with the Smile Blade when fishing for Walleye, know what the forage base is within the body of water that you are fishing. With so many Smile Blade colors there really isn't any forage base that can't be created.  Using beads, pill floats, surgical tubing, plastics and or bait along with the Smile Blade can create different profiles, sizes and colors according to time of day, year, water clarity and temperature. Color choice is really dependant upon what type of forage base you are trying to match, as well as clarity and depth of water you are fishing. There is a difference in the top 10 color choices between the Mid-West and Western States due to different water clarity and depths. 

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