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Smile Blade® Kokanee Hoochie

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  • A multiple derby winner, the Smile Blade Kokanee Hoochie features a highly visible Smile Blade UV Glo Burst and a clear, high UV hoochie fitted with a Cha Cha Float that kokanee and trout simply can't resist.

    Smile Blade Kokanee Hoochie

  • Smile Blade Kokanee Hoochie

  • Why is there a Cha Cha Pill Float in the Smile Blade Kokanee Hoochie?

    The pill float is high UV and shows through the clear UV hoochie body, but also adds buoyancy to the lure for a more natural presentation.

    Does the Smile Blade Kokanee Hoochie glow?

    No, it does not glow but the clear body is high UV and picks up the UV light from the sun, creating a color that attracts fish.

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