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ScentFlash™ UV Paddle Fin

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  • The ScentFlash UV Paddle Fin is a removable paddle flasher fin designed for the ScentFlash UV Paddle Flasher. Simply unsnap the ScentFlash lid to expose the scent cavity and slide the replacement fin into the slot until it pops in securely.

  • ScentFlash UV Paddle Fin

  • Does the ScentFlash UV Paddle Flasher has the same movement as other rotational flashers of the same size?

    Yes, this 11-inch rotational flasher has the same movement as any other flasher with a large rotation and roughly the same pull.

    What types of bait can you use in the ScentFlash?

    You can use virtually any type of bait that you want to use, including cut up shrimp, anchovies, tuna and herring. Do not overfill it, however, as you want to ensure you have enough flow to disperse the scent.

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