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Smile Blade® Sockeye Pro

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  • The Smile Blade Sockeye Pro is a local favorite. We've dialed in this lure with high UV beads and a Smile Blade to create an irresistible sockeye setup.

    Smile Blade Sockeye Pro

  • Smile Blade Sockeye Pro

  • Do you fish the Sockeye Pro the same way you would fish a squidder for sockeye?

    Yes, you will fish it the same way. It is a smaller profile, which is needed sometimes when fish are used to seeing many larger profile baits.

    Does the Sockeye Pro work better than squidders?

    No, it isn't any better or worse. Sometimes fish are triggered by larger baits or, in this case, smaller profile baits. There's a time and place for both.

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