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Pee Wee™ Hoochie

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  • The smaller size of the Pee Wee Hoochie, featuring glow and UV colors, makes it ideal for kokanee, trout and more. Troll it behind a Sling Blade for best results.

    Pee Wee Hoochie

  • Pee Wee Hoochie

  • Why doesn't the Pee Wee Hoochie have a spinner blade on it?

    There are times when you don't want extra flash and movement of a spinner blade. This lure is like pulling a fly — using colors to entice a bite.

    Is the Pee Wee Hoochie small enough to use for panfish, perch and crappie?

    Yes, they are small profile enough that they would work great for those fish.

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