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Smile Blade® SpinDrift® Walleye

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  • The presentation of the Smile Blade SpinDrift Walleye matches a Smile Blade and Cha Cha Float with the VMC SpinDrift swivel-to-hook system to create a deadly walleye trolling lure.

    Smile Blade SpinDrift Walleye

  • Smile Blade SpinDrift Walleye

  • Does the swivel on the SpinDrift hook scare fish away?

    No, the swivel-to-hook system creates a rolling action on the bait and is typically covered by the bait.

    Does the single hook work as well as a two-hook set up like a crawler harness?

    Yes, with the slow roll created by the technical bend in the SpinDrift hook, it triggers the fish to want to attack or bite a little differently. You're also likely using a smaller piece of crawler, so it is a more compact lure.

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